A Heavy Heart

these past few weeks have been amazing! Hanging out with the boy as much as possible at work and at each of our houses. Getting to know each other and quickly understanding each other’s quirks. I love his silliness.

However last week I learned that one of my favorite photography professor and mentor, Judith Taylor, passed away. Everybody was shocked about it. She was so full of life and all my memories of her are of her laughing and being so enthusiastic about art, photography, and the Phillies. She changed my life. Her work was so beautiful. She mostly created photograms with natural items. Please check out her website here. She will be greatly missed at Arcadia University. Its sad to say that me and my fellow seniors of '09 were her last thesis class ever, and its a shame that the current seniors never got to appreciate her insight.

In Memory of Judy Taylor

"two birds, one black, one white, heading in opposite directions" by Judith Taylor

detail of "two birds, one black, one white, heading in opposite directions"

"mgh: window #2, east side (boston ivy)" from green house installation project at Eastern State Penitentiary

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